We vow to only use textiles derived from natural fibers, unless the design calls for one that is not. In which case, we will do our best to find a replacement keeping in mind low environmental impact.


Linen is a vegetable fiber that comes from the flax plant. It was a major commodity in ancient Egypt, not only for use in home goods and garments but also as means of payment. Linen fabric becomes softer after each wash. Linen garments are best enjoyed in hot and humid weather as they are cool and fresh against the body. Due to the nature of this fabric, irregular lumps or in the woven fibers are common but also make these garments special. Our linens are imported from Europe. Please handle with care so you can pass them down generations.


Cotton is a plant fiber that grows on a shrub in tropical climates. The oldest traces of cotton have been found in India and Pakistan. Cotton put USA on the global market economy for the first time during the industrial revolution. Cotton’s popularity is due to its comfort, softness and easy care. It is breathable and doesn’t retain bacteria as easily as other fibers. Cotton can be cultivated to naturally grow in colors like red, green and brown. Our cottons are sourced in the USA. 

Unfortunately, Puerto Rico doesn’t manufacture textiles anymore, but we are keeping an eye on current experiments with cotton and natural dyeing that have been going on in the initiative to reawaken the production of the natural fiber.


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